Kit and Kaboodle – Sydney, Australia

Arriving at 10 o’clock on Friday night we wait in the line- but not for long. The cute door guys have a keen eye for my group of girlfriends. It’s not in a sleazy way though, more of a ‘ladies first’, chivalrous kind of way… although we do get a cheeky wink as we’re whisked forward and stamped one by one (remind me to go back and flirt with him later).

We glance down at our wrists as we step through the doors. KK2, the glistening black ink says. We bypass Sugarmill, a separate club on the bottom level of the building, and start to climb the stairs. We come to a door. Sneaking a look inside we see a flash of gold and a long elegant bar. Most people leave the art filled staircase here and enter the first level of this two-story club, but not us. We turn to keep climbing the stairs when two more bouncers confront us. After one flash of our stamps, however, the way parts.Kit and Kaboodle’s Supper Club is what you’ll find at the very top and let me tell you, it’s worth the climb. To gain entry to this more exclusive level all you really have to do is ask nicely and pay a $10 or $15 cover charge. Earlier on in the night the vibe is like Audrey Hepburn’s naughty garden party. Delicate white chairs, a lattice fence covered in leafy vines and soft velvet couches in deep, rich colors. Here, if you so choose, you can start your night with a $399 bottle of Dom Perignon Vintage champagne and a cheese platter – talk about old style glamour. It might be better for the budget to order a delicious ‘Kit Martini’ ($16) and some salt and pepper squid ($14). bar oakland park

At the stroke or midnight, the chairs are pulled away, the room fills up and the supper club is transformed into a sexy and heated dance floor that feels like a cross between a house party and a trendy nightclub.Friday nights are called Falcona Fridays and the group of DJs that play are fun and relaxed. They spin RnB and old school hip-hop, mixed skillfully to keep you guessing. The crowd is either a few years older than most other clubbers in Kings Cross or just dressed nicely enough to look that way. Ladies be warned – there is an abundance of men in suits, fresh from Friday night drinks. Just like the club, at the stroke of midnight ties and jackets come off and these men transform into sweaty, sleazy creatures that think they can get away with an ass grab don’t encourage them.After a few more drinks we head downstairs. Warning number two for the ladies: heels, drinks and stairs are a dangerous combination so save yourself an up-skirt and tread carefully. The bottom level of Kit and Kaboodle is described as Shanghai Nights meets studio 54. Antique light fixtures and gold Chinese dragons line the bar and a zebra print piano and huge hand shaped chair frame the dance floor. The crowd down here is slightly younger and the music is more house than hip-hop.Tonight there is a saxophonist playing along with the DJ and the dance floor is packed with tight t-shirts, short skirts and vodka sodas. Here, we partied with pretty people until 4am and when we left it was still pumping.