How to make over $1200 in soccer (football) live betting

Every Wednesday night, I play a round with my MALE soccer friends. I am the only rose amongst the thorns. I forget they are men during every game. I focus on the eleven-player match against eleven players.

It might be interesting to find out which rose covers which position. Because I am very agile, quick, and nimble, I “man” the goalposts. Yes, I am the goalkeeper.

Goalkeeping is a difficult job because of the speed and pace at which the actions can occur.

Goalies must be able to focus at a moment’s notice, even though they may not have much to do in the last 89 minutes.

Why do these thorns believe their rosie goalkeeper? Simply because I was a poor goalie. My defenders have complete confidence in the “last woman standing”.

Brian Clough, the great Brian Clough once stated that a goalkeeper can be worth 15 points per season. This humble record of 360 minutes without me conceding a goal is something I am proud of.

It was easy to see that placing a soccer wager and playing soccer had many similarities. There are ups and downs. Sometimes there are even turnarounds.

However, soccer live betting has allowed me to livescore decode most of the “unpredictables”.

The bookmakers provide odds that reflect the team’s performance. We can only agree with the bookmakers’ interpretation of the game, as shown by the odds.

Soccer live betting is a real gold mine if we have the ability to “decode” the odds and place winning bets. There are many profitable options available, with live betting being offered for every match.

Live betting is also known as in-play, in running, and in-game.

I was looking for a book that could teach me how to interpret the odds, which is an integral part of profitable live betting. This 108-page soccer live betting book has everything I needed. Let me tell you what I discovered.

1) Match fixing at the tail end of the soccer season

The European soccer season has come to an end. There have been games and matches.

This is when match fixing rumors will start to surface.

We can’t ignore gossips when totally unexpected results occur, especially since this is the critical point in the season where teams are competing for places in the European competition or to avoid relegation.

There are always exceptions in soccer just as in other sports. One mistake in judgment by a referee, or linesman could make the difference between winning or losing.

Normal bets are not possible if the punter does not have access to the match fixing syndicate. He must be alert for unusual odds swings and prices that seem too good to be true. He is responsible for being alert before placing any bets.

Live bets are adjusted according the pace of the match. If a syndicate has set a match for the Home team to lose, the odds movement will reflect their poor play. This is one advantage that live bets have over regular bets, if you are able to decode the odds.

2) The Most Important Thing This System Has Taught me

The book helped me see the odds differently. It was the angle that brought in the dole. The secret to winning was hidden in the odds. It’s easy to make money with soccer live betting once you understand it.

The chapter on “Timing Of The Bets” is my favorite. The author has clearly explained how to determine the most profitable times to place bets. It was easy to follow with the screen shots.

3) The No. 1 Tip I’ve Learned

The No. The No. 1 tip that I have learned is to be disciplined in following the criteria for each of the 10 strategies.

The criteria are the basis of my strategy. I will not allow myself to be influenced by emotions.

I will only place bets if the selection meets the criteria 100%. I place every bet with the utmost confidence because of this discipline.

4) The No. 2 Tip I’ve Learned

It was my realization that a great betting system should be complemented by sensible money management knowledge.

This book provides in-depth information on money management, including staking plan and stop loss/stop win limit.

One of my systems recommended that I double up the stake amount in order to make up for the loss. I lost 90% of my bank in a single weekend.

Knowing how to manage my betting money is key. 2 tip.

5) Why is this system the complete system?

I love to talk about things in terms hardware and software.

The 10 strategies in this system book are the hardware. To ensure consistent profits, you must install efficient software.

The author spent a lot of time in this book explaining the virtues of having a winning mindset, dealing with fear and greed, which are the worst enemies of punters.

The most valuable chapter on fear or greed is the one that was written by the author. He provided examples of betting situations to show how successful punters deal with these emotions.

6) What Strategy Should Every Punter Know

To limit financial loss, every live bettor should know the “Cut Loss Strategy”, which I believe is the best of all the strategies.

There are many things that can happen in 90 minutes of soccer pitch play. It is comforting to know there is a plan B in case the original strategy doesn’t work. Because I love back doors, this is my favorite strategy.

7) What are the Benefits of This System?

These strategies will help you know what to do when there are betting opportunities.

You won’t be led by emotions, rely on luck or “guesstimates”, who will place your bets.

You will know what to do based on the odds, which is a reflection of how the teams performed on the pitch.

8) Are You Really able to Make $1200 in 3 Hours?

Yes, you definitely can. You can play live games on any given match day. You can easily generate consistent profits with the 10 strategies.

Your stake amount will determine your profit. Place your bets within your comfort zone.

9) What if you don’t have any experience in soccer live betting?

Don’t worry. Even a complete beginner can use the system. Each strategy is clearly described. Each step is illustrated with photos. There is no guesswork. The odds movement supports every step.


This system doesn’t depend on injuries, past match previews, weather conditions, or other factors. It doesn’t require hours of analysis for every match day.

All you need is the ability to understand the movements of the odds.

The ability to “decode” the odds takes emotion out the live betting equation. Bettors can only bet on what will happen on the pitch and not on whether Team A is your favorite team or Team X your least favorite. This is soccer live betting at its best.

My male soccer friends and I regularly play soccer. I play the role of goalkeeper. Soccer is my passion, but it’s also what makes me happy to make money.