How to Choose a Replacement Adapter for Your Laptop

Your laptop makes your office, entertainment, and important files portable and convenient. You can take your laptop with you wherever you go, whether you work at home, in a cafe or the park. One of the most important laptop accessories you can have is a laptop adapter or power cord.

Your laptop needs the power to keep you on the go, and a lost or broken laptop adapter can seriously slow you down. Even if you haven’t lost your laptop adapter, you can purchase a backup power cord to keep at home or in the office. Here are a few steps to help you quickly find a replacement adapter or power cord so you can get back to work and play.

Choosing a Replacement Adapter

Battery life is not only a critical parameter but also one of the most difficult to measure. If you watch movies all day, you will have much more free time than those who continuously edit images in Photoshop. We are testing battery life based on a very specific scenario: watching movies stored locally with 50% screen brightness and airplane mode enabled. If you frequently perform tasks with more CPU or graphics-intensive use, you need to cut our results by an hour or two.

Find your laptop’s model number

You can find this number on a sticker on the bottom or side of your laptop. If you cannot find it there, refer to your user manual or look for the model number in your laptop’s built-in help program. You can also find it in your laptop’s system properties.

Find your wattage requirements

In addition to your laptop model number, you will need to know the voltage requirements for your laptop adapter. Laptop adapters have different output voltages (V), and using the wrong laptop adapter can damage your computer. Please refer to the user manual for voltage requirements for your laptop. The output voltage is usually indicated as DC voltage. You can also check for products or part numbers that are compatible with your laptop model.

Find a compatible laptop AC adapter

Look for compatibility lists in the descriptions of the laptop adapters you need. Sometimes, compatible laptop models are listed in the product description or on a separate listing. Notebook model numbers can often look the same, so make sure the model numbers match exactly.

Descriptions for laptop adapters and power cords typically include manufacturer, part number, and partial descriptions. If you find an AC adapter with the correct output voltage but the wrong port connector, you should be able to find the port mounts that adapt the connector to the power port on your laptop.

A laptop that can last for more than eight hours without a trip to a power plug should be enough to get you through a day’s work, but that’s not good enough to make it to the upper echelons today. Each of the laptops and 2-in-1s we’ve selected lasted for more than 20 hours on our tests, which means that they can survive a full day of work (whether that’s at home or in an office) and still offer plenty of juice for your commute or for watching videos on the couch.