Gutter cleaning advice

How to do a thorough cleaning of gutters and downspouts? What is the best time to do it? These are some of the questions that can plague you when it comes time to clean your gutters. Maintaining your home is certainly an important task, which forces us to stop from time to time to fix things before they cause more serious damage to your home. Cleaning the gutters is certainly one of the jobs that we can also carry out in complete autonomy, but important for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of our home. Leaves, dry branches, accumulations of dust can be the number one enemy of our gutters with the risk that in the long run they can become clogged, creating inconvenience during periods of rain.

Why do the cleaning of gutters and downspouts?

As is well known, gutters and pluvial are useful for collecting rainwater and preventing it from sliding along the built walls, therefore they play a fundamental role in the healthy maintenance of both public and private structures and buildings. Whether coupled with atmospheric agents can lead to accumulations of dirt such as leaves, deadwood, bird nests, and dust. All this can create a clogging of gutters and drains, nothing serious if you have the foresight to periodically clean the gutters, failure to do this can create big problems, in fact, their clogging means that during a storm, or a snowfall, when the channels are clogged, the water comes out and wets the walls, balconies and window frames,

8 practical ways to clean gutters and downspouts effortlessly and in total safety

Cleaning gutters can sometimes not be so simple, especially if certain heights are exceeded, in these cases doing it manually without the right equipment is not only difficult and tiring but also becomes a dangerous job, in these cases, different tools come into play that can help you do the job in the best possible time and without risk:

  1. Cleaning gutters by ladder – When the height of the gutters from the ground does not exceed 4 meters, you can use a normal stepladder, with which you can carry out your cleaning work without resting on the gutter with the risk of bending or breaking it, at this point you can equip yourself with a shovel and a bucket and gradually collect the debris.
  2. Cleaning the gutters using a manual cleaner – There is a method to lighten the work thanks to cleaners specially designed for gutters, the telescopic gutter cleaner for the home has a characteristic shape that allows you to collect debris more easily, and even in this case you will have to need a stepladder.
  3. Gutter cleaning using a gutter cleaner – If you want to limit the ups and downs on the ladder, you can equip yourself with a special gutter cleaner that not only allows you to reach heights close to 6 meters thanks to the 4-meter extendable handle, with this tool you can do the job cleaning directly from the ground by pushing all the dirt to the center of the gutter, in this way you can only climb the ladder once to remove the dirt collected.
  4. Gutter cleaning using a pressure washer – The cleaning of the gutters can also be easily carried out using a pressure washer.
  5. Protection against the accumulation of dirt in the gutters – Another way to eliminate accumulations of dirt in the gutters and prevent it, in this, we are helped by the galvanized metal grids specially designed for the gutters, these once applied through specific hooks filter the water from dirt. In this way, the accumulation of residues will be greatly limited and the cleaning to be carried out will be much easier over time.
  6. Cleaning the gutters using Robot – robots have been on the market for some time specially designed for cleaning the gutters. These are designed so as to perfectly enter the gutter and through a motorized tracked system and a small remote control can be operated and moved.In fact in the front part has a special brush that allows you to clean the gutter in a simple and fast way.
  7. Cleaning the gutters with the use of aerial platforms – If you need to work at heights greater than 5 or 6 meters, the truck-mounted aerial platform can certainly give you excellent help, with this tool that you can easily rent at affordable prices you can reach heights up to 28 meters and can be transported with the simple aid of a type B license which is also valid for motor vehicles. If you suffer from vertigo or do not feel like getting on it, you can also rely on intervention with an operator.
  8. Cleaning gutters through intervention with acrobatic construction – It can sometimes happen that cleaning the gutters is particularly difficult due to the awkward position to reach, in fact in perched areas or in historic centers with difficult access to intervene with conventional means can be difficult if not even impossible. In these cases it may be helpful to carry out an acrobatic construction intervention, this type of work consists of the intervention of specialized operators who, using ropes and appropriate harnesses, are able to reach the desired point to carry out the appropriate gutter cleaning at low cost, implementation times are limited and the intervention is not invasive but only localized.

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